Readings with the Tarot Cards

At our Tarot website, you can do many readings with tarot cards. Below you will find an overview of all the tarot readings you can do with us.

  • 3 Tarotcards

    The tarot cards tell you succinctly about the past, present and future!

    3 Tarotcards
  • Daily tarotcard

    What is important today? A daily tarotcard can tell you instantly!

    Daily tarotcard
  • Tarot of love

    A question about your relationship? An unrequited love ... Or just in love? What should you do? Ask the tarot cards!

    Tarot of love
  • Tarot relationship advice

    Wondering if you are a good match? Choose four tarot cards and find out what they predict about your relationship!

    Tarot relationship advice
  • Celtic cross

    A complex or personal issue? The 10 tarot cards you draw in the card layout will help you move forward.

    Celtic cross
  • 6 tarot cards

    A specific question to the cards about the past, present and future? Choose six tarot cards that are going to give you an answer.

    6 tarot cards
  • Tarot of the star

    5 star-shaped tarot cards give you insight into any difficulties and your purpose.

    Tarot of the star
  • Wheel of fortune

    What sudden change will be unexpectedly positive? Where are you on the "Wheel of Fortune"?

    Wheel of fortune
  • Tarot weekly reading

    7 tarot cards, one for each day of the week! What will the next 7 days bring you?

    Tarot weekly reading
  • Wicca Tarot

    Use the Wicca Tarot cards for a card reading that tells you more about the present, the possibilities, yourself and the future!

    Wicca Tarot
  • Horoscope Tarot

    The tarot cards combined with your zodiac sign give you a personalized card reading! Horoscope and Tarot find each other.

    Horoscope Tarot
  • Lenormand

    Let the Lenormand cards answer your questions about the past, present and future. Discover the predictive power of the Lenormand!

  • Monthly wheel tarot

    Understanding the month ahead with the "Tarot Monthly Wheel. What influences will be at play in the new month according to the cards?

    Monthly wheel tarot
  • Tarot relationship reading

    Gain insight into your relationship with your partner, a business associate, your child or parents? Then this is the tarot card reading you need to do!

    Tarot relationship reading
  • Daily tarot love card

    Quick insight into what today will bring in love following the tarot cards? Then pull this daily card!

    Daily tarot love card
  • Love prediction

    The tarot cards predict how well you and your love match! How is your love match?

    Love prediction
  • Love Money Career

    The tarot gives you a prediction about love, money and your career. What will the future bring you according to the tarot cards?

    Love Money Career
  • Astrological circles

    Combine the tarot cards with the 12 houses of your horoscope. What insight will you come to?

    Astrological circles
  • Pro/Contra Tarot

    Weighing the pros and cons of a particular situation? The tarot cards can help you do just that!

    Pro/Contra Tarot
  • Stop/Start Tarot

    Three tarot cards help you reflect on yourself and make you aware of your behavior!

    Stop/Start Tarot
  • Yes/No Tarot

    Need a quick YES or NO in your situation? The tarot cards will give you a hint in which direction to go!

    Yes/No Tarot
  • Decision Game

    Are you unsure about something? This card reading can help you make your right decision by drawing three tarot cards for each option.

    Decision Game
  • Deceased

    Get answers to questions you've been meaning to ask with the tarot by drawing eight tarot cards.

  • Lenormand daily card

    What will the lenormand cards want to tell you today? Give your day direction with the lenormand day card!

    Lenormand daily card